The Leaning Edge

The Leaning Edge, hosted by Debra Levantrosser, she speaks with leaders, implementers and believers in the lean philosophy to share their successes and struggles in hopes that they will help others in their lean journey.. The show focuses on the fact that lean is a mindset and a culture, not a set of process improvement tools, and shows how this approach can make your city, state and country.

*Please note that hits on the radio show determine whether or not it stays on the air. Thank you for your support. Please listen and email the station with your positive feedback if you love the show!

Pictures from the show:



Past Guests: 

Steve Ansuini, President of Center for Employee development, LLC

Dennis Sergent, Director of the Capital Quality Initiative

Rob Pease and Brad Brown, Strategic Planning Officers, Grand Rapids Fire Department

Mike Taubitz, Managing Director of  Sustainable Lean LLC and Senior Advisor to FDR Safety

Mark Graban, consultant and author of Lean Hospitals and Healthcare Kaizen

Rob Pease and Brad Brown from the Grand Rapids Fire Department

Jackie Badder from the State of Michigan

Simone Miranda from the NY Department of Administrative Services

Dennis Murray, President of Marist College

Leon Liu, Principal, YO Strategy Excellence

Dr. Sandra Upton, Dean of Business Programs │Professional and Graduate Studies Division

Amy Long, Director of Quality Improvement, Concentra Health System

Jim Manley, Executive Director, Demmer Center, Michigan State University

Beau Keyte from Lean Enterprise Institute

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