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From the Chair

Monday, December 05, 2022 10:47 AM | Andi Barajas (Administrator)

Happy December! I hope this note find you happy and healthy!

Although life seems to be so hectic this time a year, this is also time to reflect and plan for 2023. Our board is following this process by creating our 2023 Strategic A3. We are now moving to the right side of the A3; future state creation! We are providing our hypothesis and determining key actions for improvement. I love this process and how it truly creates better communication, collaboration, and alignment! Developing a strategy is a long process and the team is committed!

I’d like to welcome Melissa Sherman to the board of directors. Melissa is overseeing members who are interested in volunteering to support the MLC. Volunteering has many variations. If you are interested in volunteering, please reach out to Melissa.

Last month we also had our 5th Annual Grand Rapids Summit which even Mother Nature could not stop! The first major snow of the year reminded us of the excitement, patience and understanding need to live in the beautiful and dynamic state. Even with the snow we had an incredible showing and representation of industry at the event. By your feedback on the surveys our active learning sessions were of high value, and you were able to walk away new knowledge. Please keep the suggestions for other active learning sessions coming so when designing medium to large conferences we can continue to meet your needs. Lastly, a huge MLC “Thank you” again to Dr. Wael Mokhtar and Grand Valley University for hosting the event.

Next month, don't miss the Coffee Chat on Dec. 16th! Future offerings are currently being developed including gemba walks! As you build your or your staffs 2023 development plans keep us in mind as a resource to provide great Lean content. We are working on a Lean Leadership event and a Lean Tools School for 2023 Q1 and Q2.

Please reach out with any questions or suggestions about MLC offerings to either Jayne Overbeck, Events Team Director or myself for more information.

I wish you all a peaceful and safe holiday season.

For the Love of Lean,

Holly Plaga,

Michigan Lean Consortium Chair

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