Lean Book Discussion Group--Avoiding the Continuous Appearance Trap by Patrick Adams

  • Thursday, April 25, 2024
  • 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Virtual




"Avoiding the Continuous Appearance Trap" by Patrick Adams. Patrick will be joining us for the discussion!

Seeking the best way to understand your company’s operations and leadership, hoping to finally see what’s truly underneath your culture? Take a trip with business performance coach Patrick Adams inside two different cultures—one you’d like to avoid and one you’d like to emulate—and then ask yourself the right questions. The answers may lead you—and your organization’s various stakeholders—somewhere extraordinary.

A Fantastic Account of Two Companies with Very Different Cultures

Avoiding the Continuous Appearance Trap: 12 Questions to Understand What’s Truly Underneath Your Culture is a transformational book that weaves together the stories of two companies that, on the surface, appear to be quite similar. Underneath, however, they couldn’t be more different. There is a devastating distinction between being a company dedicated to continuous improvement and being one that’s about “continuous appearance” instead. The 12 questions that Patrick Adams outlines in his debut book for business leaders give readers the ability to assess their operations. At last, a practical guide to better understanding your company’s leadership and culture.

Step inside “Company Continuous Improvement” and its counterpart, “Company Continuous Appearance.”

“Patrick Adams contrasts the cultures of two companies he worked for and, though each started with similar lean models and visions, one was mechanistic and only gave the appearance of lean, while the other developed an actual culture of continuous improvement. The contrast provides a vivid example of the difference between fake lean and true lean.” (Dr. Jeffrey Liker, Author of The Toyota Way, Second Edition) 


Please read the whole book before the discussion session.


Patrick Adams
CEO / Executive Lean Coach
Lean Solutions

Patrick Adams is the author of the best selling and Shingo-award winning book “Avoiding the Continuous Appearance Trap” and the host of The Lean Solutions Podcast. He is an international speaker, coach, and consultant. He is also a University Lecturer for the #1 Supply Chain Undergraduate Program at the University of Arkansas. Patrick has been delivering bottom-line results through specialized process improvement solutions for over 20 years. He's worked with all types of businesses from private, non-profits, government, and manufacturing ranging from small business to billion dollar corporations. Patrick is a proven leader and highly experienced consultant with specific niche focus on organizational strategy and leadership development which brings a unique human approach to sound team-building practices; creating consensus and enabling empowerment. He motivates, inspires, and drives the right results at all points in business processes.


Melissa Sherman,
Sr Quality Improvement Consultant,
Consumers Energy

Melissa has worked in the utility industry for over 27 years, both for an Investor Owned and Cooperative, gaining experience in Electric and Gas Distribution Engineering, Business Support for Pumped Storage, River Hydro and Renewable Generation, Online Scheduling for Fossil Generation, and Enterprise Change.

Throughout her career, Melissa has instituted lean methodology while embedding change management methodology.  From scheduling to warehouse redesigns, to value stream analysis. Melissa analyzes and measures the effectiveness of existing business processes and develops sustainable, repeatable, and quantifiable business process improvements. She analyzes data to drive problem solving, root cause analysis and functional area process improvement. Responsible for delivering significant results in Company Breakthrough Objectives.

She is passionate about leading others on their continuous improvement/lean and change management journey.  She enjoys being able to share her love for teaching/coaching others and seeing the “ah ha” moments when someone truly understands the methodologies. It is through breaking down those methodologies in terms they understand that they can then tackle those big problems.

Melissa has also taught higher education since 2008 both in-seat and on-line in management, entrepreneurship and engineering disciplines, relating a lot of her teaching to the utility industry.

Melissa holds a Bachelors in Industrial Engineering Technology, a Master’s in Leadership Studies from Baker College, along with a Graduate Certificate in Leadership Strategies from Davenport University.  She also holds an Associates Certificate in Project Management from George Washington University and is certified in Change Management through Acuity Institute.

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