Lean Book Discussion Group--Take The Ride Of Your Life by Joyce Weiss

  • Thursday, June 27, 2024
  • 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Virtual




"Take the ride of your life" by Joyce Weiss.

Joyce will be joining us for the discussion!

Joyce Weiss’s coaching insights help us improve the quality of our lives using this universal “balance equation.” We become more productive at the office and happier in our personal lives.

Remember the first time you rode that big kid’s two-wheeler bike? It required balance, and as your courage grew, you had so much fun – riding with the wind in your face! Joyce uses this simple and universal “bike” lesson to show you how to live a more balanced and productive life.

The actual “life lessons” help us navigate those inevitable life “bumps” more easily and resolve real burnout issues – to relieve inner stress. 

This book is for you if you are interested in enjoying going to work again. And retain and engage key employees. Joyce shares activities that promote an engaging environment at work or home And new facts on relieving inner stress and avoiding burnout. Take the Ride of Your Life: Shift Gears for More Balance, Growth, and Joy is a perfect gift for team members, friends, or relatives who need inner peace and a smile even when the road is bumpy!

You will learn rich insights and action steps. Besides this, “shift gears” to produce better results at work and home. Take the Ride of your Life! is your own personal “passport” to living the life you want.


Please read the whole book before the discussion session.


Joyce (Morris) Weiss, M.A., CSP, CVP
Joyce Weiss Training & Development LLC

I'm Joyce Weiss, Queen of Conflict Resolution and Expert Communication Coach. I support department managers and leaders in inspiring and educating their employees who are tired of feeling invisible and overlooked and ready to confidently use their voices without losing their cool. Their input is respected and recognized, and their expertise is taken seriously.

It's time for us to talk if you're tired of conflict resolution consuming your time and energy and want to explore what's possible!

With my guidance and support, you will be able to implement new strategies or have me work directly with the company's employees so they experience more enjoyment at work and a higher level of productivity, and your top management will be thrilled with the overall positive direction the company is taking. 


Melissa Sherman,
Sr Quality Improvement Consultant,
Consumers Energy

Melissa has worked in the utility industry for over 27 years, both for an Investor Owned and Cooperative, gaining experience in Electric and Gas Distribution Engineering, Business Support for Pumped Storage, River Hydro and Renewable Generation, Online Scheduling for Fossil Generation, and Enterprise Change.

Throughout her career, Melissa has instituted lean methodology while embedding change management methodology.  From scheduling to warehouse redesigns, to value stream analysis. Melissa analyzes and measures the effectiveness of existing business processes and develops sustainable, repeatable, and quantifiable business process improvements. She analyzes data to drive problem solving, root cause analysis and functional area process improvement. Responsible for delivering significant results in Company Breakthrough Objectives.

She is passionate about leading others on their continuous improvement/lean and change management journey.  She enjoys being able to share her love for teaching/coaching others and seeing the “ah ha” moments when someone truly understands the methodologies. It is through breaking down those methodologies in terms they understand that they can then tackle those big problems.

Melissa has also taught higher education since 2008 both in-seat and on-line in management, entrepreneurship and engineering disciplines, relating a lot of her teaching to the utility industry.

Melissa holds a Bachelors in Industrial Engineering Technology, a Master’s in Leadership Studies from Baker College, along with a Graduate Certificate in Leadership Strategies from Davenport University.  She also holds an Associates Certificate in Project Management from George Washington University and is certified in Change Management through Acuity Institute.

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